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University And College Appeal Policies

Unless expressly stated, a decision of the university or college is subject to challenge. Most universities and colleges will have an Academic Appeal procedure in place. These procedures must be complied with by the university or college to ensure that you are treated fairly.

The team at Toronto Academic Appeals have dealt with many Academic Appeals in any given year. it is important that you get your advice early.

We have experience at drafting the initial submission, ensuring relevant evidence reviewed and provided, dealing with a response to the university or college position and finally ensuring you get a fair hearing. In every instance, our office will review each file in detail and ensure that the right procedures are being followed. Below are some useful resources and links form each of the universities and colleges.

The information below is not legal advice and merely provided for research and information purposes. Students are advised to verify policies and procedures with their respective institutions.

Algonquin College

If you believe that you have the basis for appealing an academic decision, you must first discuss the matter with your instructor. The expectation is that the decision under dispute is to be resolved as closely as possible to the level at which it originated, and as quickly as is possible with careful review.

If you cannot resolve the matter, you need to submit a written request for a review of a final grade to the Registrar’s Office by completion of Review of Final Grades Form within 10 working days of the date of issuance of the transcript. A $25.00 fee per grade reviewed will be levied. The fee will be refunded if the grade is changed in the student’s favour. See appeal directive and form.

Centennial College

A student may appeal a grade received in a course. Appeals are limited to the following grounds:

3.1 A clerical error has resulted in a miscalculation of the grade.

3.2 The grade awarded did not reflect fairly the student’s academic performance and/or the stated requirements for the course.

3.3 Grade appeals may not be based on a complaint that the nature and standard of evaluation was too onerous. See policy here.

George Brown College

Students are entitled to know their rights under the Academic Appeals policy. It is expected that faculty members and Chairs will inform students of their right to academic appeal and enable students to access the academic appeals process.

Humber College

To request an appeal, a student must complete the Non-Academic Appeal Form below within ten (10) business days of receipt of the written decision.

Appeal delays must be approved by the Office of Student Conduct by contacting or as per section 7 of the Code of Student Conduct.

A right of appeal is available where at least one of the following conditions/grounds is met:

1. There is new evidence that is likely to change the outcome.

2. There is evidence of procedural error or bias in the process.

3. The sanction imposed is not consistent with the nature of the offense.

Loyalist College

The College faculty and staff are strongly committed to resolving student concerns at the informal level. However, in the event that it is not possible to resolve the concern through the informal process, students may choose to pursue a formal Academic Appeal.

The associated procedures provide details of the formal Academic Appeal process at Loyalist and relate to appeals in response to:

  1. A penalty for academic dishonesty
  2. A penalty for breach of confidentiality
  3. Actions taken by the College as a result of a student’s failure to meet minimum program performance standards
  4. A failing grade in a specific course
  5. Actions taken by the College as a result of student behaviour at any College approved activity or function, whether organized, informal, on campus, off campus, or online, including inappropriate use of computer facilities or other College property
  6. Other issues which may impede a student’s academic progress during their experience with the College

Niagara College

Niagara College students have the right to appeal decisions that significantly affect their academic career. This includes College decisions on admissions, course grades and promotion.

St. Clair College

St. Clair College and its faculty members are committed to quality academic decision-making and to ensuring that academic records genuinely and accurately reflect our learners’ academic accomplishments. The policy can be found here and here.

Seneca College

It is the policy of Seneca College to provide students with a fair, timely and consistent process to appeal decisions that impact their academic standing or progression when the grounds for an academic appeal are met on the basis of merit of work, personal bias or unfair treatment, course management and/or extenuating circumstances.

For more information on the appeal process and procedure, please refer to the College’s Academic Appeal Policy.

Sheridan College

All Sheridan staff and students are expected to adhere to the College’s academic and conduct policies. By defining the expectations within the Sheridan community, an environment of equity and fairness is created. It is the right and responsibility of each student and staff member to familiarize themselves with these guidelines and regulations. Make it a priority to read through the Sheridan Policies and Procedures so you know what is expected of you, and what you can expect from others.

To view a full list of all of Sheridan’s policies and procedures, click on Documents and Policies

The following policies are of particular interest to Continuing and Professional Studies students:

Academic Appeals and Consideration Policy

An academic appeal is a request against a decision of Sheridan, and not a complaint against a faculty or staff member. If you’re worried that a decision has been made that will negatively impact your academic standing, you can initiate an academic appeal. An academic appeal must be started within 5 business days after receipt of the decision or questionable grade. Please email for more information about the Academic Appeal policy.

Academi Integrity

Sheridan takes Academic Honesty very seriously. You need to as well! It is considered a breach of academic honesty to claim that the ideas, writing, projects or creations of someone else are your own. It’s also considered breach of honesty if you attempt to alter, suppress, falsify or make up research data or results, or forge an official academic record, application or document, or cheat.

All Sheridan faculty, staff and students are expected to be aware of breaches of academic honesty and are responsible for taking appropriate action if it’s believed that a breach of academic integrity has taken place. Suspected instances of academic honesty will be investigated and disciplined accordingly.

Student Code of Conduct

Each member of the Sheridan community has the right to be treated with dignity and respect. The Code of Conduct, in coordination with other related policies, is intended to provide guiding principles and rules for behaviour that, when followed, contribute to a respectful, supportive and safe place to work and learn. In the same manner that citizens of a community are responsible for their actions, so too are employees, students, contractors, consultants, visitors, volunteers, and any other person in our environment. As such, all members of our community are obligated to acknowledge and accept the responsibilities for good citizenship.

Good citizenship is expressed as behaviour which respects the duties, obligations and functions of a citizen as set out in this Code.

Harassment and Discrimination Policy

Sheridan College is committed to provide a working and learning environment that is free of discrimination and harassment and supportive of academic achievement and the dignity, self-esteem and fair treatment of everyone taking part in its activities. The college seeks to create a climate of mutual respect that reinforces opportunity and allows for each person to contribute fully to the development and well-being of the community.

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