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Professional Discipline Ontario and Toronto Lawyers

Academic Appeals, Professional Discipline and Educations lawyers advise students and other professionals, including doctors, lawyers, paralegals, dentists, nurses, veterinarians, real estate agents, brokers, teachers, midwives, chiropractors, accountants, and psychologists.

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Examples Cases

Here are a few cases our academic appeals and discipline lawyers have worked on over the last few years:

  • Represented nursing students facing dismissal from nursing programs
  • Represented PhD students during thesis proposal dismissals, and thesis defence issues
  • Represented university students facing academic honesty allegations before the Dean Designate
  • Represented university students at the tribunal and senate level
  • Represented nursing students who had been previously dismissed from nursing program and had exhausted all appeals, with the dismissal being successfully overturned
  • Represented student in graduate program facing sanction and repeat of final semester,
  • Represented student in graduate studies involving requirement to withdraw due to grades
  • Complaints to the University or College Ombudsman
  • Represented optometry student facing dismissal
  • Represented medical students dismissed from medical school
  • Represented graduate student in the social work program
  • Represented pharmacy student facing dismissal
  • Represented students involving plagiarism
  • Represented students facing allegations of fraud and falsification of medical and academic records
  • Plagiarism & Collusion
  • Assisted student at medical school facing dismissal for misconduct
  • Attended various academic appeal hearings in person and via conference;

We have represented students at the following universities and colleges over the years: