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Bobila Walker Law advises on Administrative Law for a number of professionals, including doctors, lawyers, paralegals, dentists, nurses, veterinarians, real estate agents, brokers, teachers, midwives, chiropractors, accountants, and psychologists.

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Academic Appeal Resources

Unless expressly stated, a decision of the university or college is subject to challenge. Most universities and colleges will have an Academic Appeal procedure in place. These procedures must be complied with by the university or college to ensure that you are treated fairly. The team at Toronto Academic Appeals have dealt with many Academic Appeals in any given year. it is important that you get your advice early. We have experience at drafting the initial submission, ensuring relevant evidence reviewed and provided, dealing with a response to the university or college position and finally ensuring you get a fair hearing. In every instance, our office will review each file in detail and ensure that the right procedures are being followed.
We have also represented students from the United States, China, South Korea and Europe. The resources below are useful too in informing you about an appeals process.

In assisting our students challenge a professor or a Dean/Dean Designate’s recommendation to lay a charge or render a penalty, we develop case-specific strategies for each of our student-clients in order to maximize the likelihood of success. Colleges and Universities throughout Ontario and Canada have each developed distinct procedures, rules, standards and regulations when taking action against a student in an academic appeal, academic dishonesty, or student disciplinary matter. From our years of experience, we have found that each school and faculty has a preferred approach when it comes to its handling of student appeal matters.
In understanding each school and faculty’s preferences, we are able to craft student appeal materials (documents, letters, written and oral submissions) that regularly result in a fair and favourable outcome for our clients.